Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Collage Journal + Video

I was inpsired to create this little "journal" from one of the gurus of art journaling, Teesha Moore.   I started this collage journal with no real outcome in mind.  I used lots of ephemera from my mini summer vacation to Ruidoso, NM. as collage materials. I knew I wanted to add more elements to the journal, but really wasn't sure what.  I let it sit for a few days and inspiration struck!  I had these mini Iphone prints (also from my summer trip) from Social Print Studios sitting on my desk and an idea began to form!  I decided to make my little journal into a collaged summer memory journal.  I have already worked on a couple of pages, as you will see.  This is a work in progress and I still have no real outcome in mind, other than using it to document my memories, so far, of this summer.
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Happy Creating!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finally took the leap!

I did something that was very scary for me!  I filmed my art journaling process and posted it on YouTube for the world to see!  (Eeeekkk!)   I know, I know...there are tons of people out there who do this on a daily basis and it's like no big deal. (Well, they make it seem like that because they are good at it!)  Believe me, I know!  I love watching the process and creativity of others.  I love the artist who share and inspire.  It is great fuel for the muse!  Which is the exact reason why, I have the desire to share my process.  I want to share and not just receive inspiration.  I want to share my journey into what I am passionate and madly in-love with.... and that is the intuitive process of creating art. 

There is a learning curve in filming, editing and publishing.  As with anything else, there will be improvement with practice.  However, I can't let my "newbiness" keep me from trying.  I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.  If you would subscribe to and like my videos, that would be pretty awesome too!   Now to the videos.   Enjoy! 

Part #1
Part #2
Finished Page:
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