Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My favorite way to stay cool....

Today's In the Sun prompt  is "My favorite way to stay cool..."   Here in West Texas we have been averaging about 105 degrees.  It has been HOT outside!  However, Keith keeps the house and office like an icebox, so  usually I am looking for ways to stay warm... so I go outside alot to thaw out.  :)  However, when I have to be out and about on these blistering hot summer days, this is how I like to cool off:

Take a Vacation & This summer I feel ....

I finally got started on some of the prompts from the In the Sun online course offered by the very talented and creative Natalie Malik. I was starting to feel stressed out about not following along with the course, which really puts a strain on my muse. So, I decided to just do what I can, when I can.  Stressing is not fun! Art journaling is supposed to be relaxing and fun! 

So, these are the two prompts that I have completed so far. 

The prompt for this one was to be inspired by the music video "Take a Vacation" by the Young Veins.  I was inspired by the long rectangular photos and circles in the video.  I also like the globe/maps in the video, which I used in my layout but they kind of got covered up in all the layers.  Which is A-OK with me!  My favorite vacation spot has been in my backyard laying out by the pool.

Here is an older prompt that I finished as well.  This summer I feel... Creative, In Love, Adventurous, Happy, Easy Going, A Little Lazy, Renewed.

Until next time... Have a great summer! :)

The Great Outdoors

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